How to Add or Change your Insta Story Background

If you want to get an excellent response for your Insta Story, then you’ll have to make it attractive. You can use a solid color, or a picture as your Insta Story background. Here is how to add or change Insta Story background.

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How to add or change the background color of your Instagram story

Solid background color in a story can be added simply and quickly from the Instagram iOS and Android app. You can add and check which color suits your text story while creating it. Here is how you can accomplish this simple job.

1.    Take your device with the latest Instagram app installed. You can verify your app version from the App Store or Play Store of your device.

2.    Launch the ‘Instagram’ app.

3.    Then tap the ‘Camera’ button to compose a text story.

4.    Tap on the ‘Type’ option in the bottom menu.

5.    You’ll now see available solid colors that you can apply to your story. Use the ‘Small Circle’ icon for cycling through the colors.

Tip: There is a great thing you can also do from here, use the ‘Camera’ icon to capture a picture you want to add to the story. This image will display behind the color background with fifty percent transparency effect, which gives a great look to your story.

6.    Now, select ‘Tap to type’ to start typing your words.

7.    With the screen keyboard, type your story.

8.    If you want to type in a different font style, tap on ‘Typewriter’ and move through the available font styles. Background colors are limited or linked with the font styles. Thus when you change the font style, your chosen background color will change too.

9.    Each font style has unique and cool background colors with it, use the ‘Small Circle’ icon to see colors associated with the font style.

10.    When you type your story completely, tap on the unused space to close the keyboard and see how your story looks.

11.    Tap on the ‘White Arrow’ icon to go ahead. You can add more things to your Insta Story, such as gifs, additional text, stickers, as well as music.

12.    When you have done everything and are ready to publish your story, tap ‘Your Story.’

Your new Instagram text story has been published. And now your followers, as well as others, can see it, depending on your privacy settings.

How to add cool patterned backgrounds and images to your Instagram story

Instead of solid color backgrounds, you can use something more dynamic in your text story. This isn’t as easy as adding color backgrounds, but also not too complicated. You should have the image you want to use and need to upload it to Instagram. There are several websites, such as Pexels, PixaBay, and FreePik, that have a great collection of patterned background images. Here is how to add a cool patterned image to your Insta Story background.

1.    Start your ‘Instagram’ app.

2.    Then tap the ‘Camera’ button to compose a story.

3.    When the camera opens, swipe up on your screen to take out the image browser of Instagram.

4.    Now, move through your images and videos to find the image you want to use as background.

5.    Tap the picture to choose. If needed, adjust the image with two fingers. Make sure it fills the whole screen.

6.     Swipe toward the right from the left edge of your screen to take out the Instagram filters.

7.    Tap on a filter you would like to apply to your story.

8.    Add anything else, such as gifs, additional text, stickers, or music you want.

9.    When you have done everything and are ready to publish your story, tap ‘Your Story.’

Your story with your background images has been published on Instagram.

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