How to Access and Use your Google Calendar on Windows 10 PC

Google Calendar is one of the best calendars available. Millions of people are using it across the world because of its advanced features, and one of its great features is the cloud-based calendar system.  You can track all your events, appointments, and vacations on any device with Google Calendar. Windows 10 Calendar app allows you to import your Google Calendar right into it. Here is how to access and use Google Calendar on Windows 10 PC.

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How to sync and import your Google Calendar into Windows 10 Calendar app

Syncing your Google Calendar with Windows Calendar is the simplest way to get and track all your Google Calendar appointments and events on your PC. It is the official way for doing it, and you don’t need to add any additional app on your PC. Here are the steps for syncing Google Calendar.

1.    Open the Start menu and start typing ‘calendar’. You’ll see the results for your search.

2.    Open the ‘Calendar’ app from the results. Windows Calendar app will open on your screen.

3.    Now, open the calendar’s settings by clicking the ‘gear’ icon at the bottom left corner in the Calendar window.

4.    Then go to the ‘Manage Accounts’ and click on ‘Add account’ option.

5.    To import your Google Calendar, you need to pick ‘Google’ here. As you click ‘Google’, the sign-in dialog box will appear on the screen.

6.    Enter the email or phone to sign in to your Google account.

7.    Then insert the password associated with your Google account and proceed with ‘Sign in’.

8.    Allow Windows to access your Google account, when prompted.

Once you finish adding your Google account to the Windows Calendar app, all your appointments, plans, and events will be synced, and you’ll be able to track as well as manage them right from your PC’s Calendar app. You can create, delete, or edit your existing Google Calendar events. The changes you make here will be synced to other linked devices.

There are several other methods to import and access Google Calendar on Windows PC. You can sync your PC’s Outlook app with your Google Calendar. And, another amazing way is by adding Google Calendar widget through extension in your Google Chrome browser.

How to sync Google Calendar with Outlook on Windows

If instead of Windows Calendar you prefer to use Outlook, then you can sync your Google Calendar with Outlook Calendar to get all your events. But, in Outlook, you can only view your events. It won’t allow you to create, delete or edit your existing Google events. Google Calendar in Outlook is useful when you only want to track your plans.

Note: Before you start, visit your Google Calendar and click the ‘More’ button of the calendar you want to access in Outlook. Then go to ‘Customize’ section under Settings and sharing and copy the address given in the “Secret address in iCal format’. This address will be needed in the syncing process, so keep it until the process completes.

1.    Start the ‘Outlook’ app in your system.

2.    Then open ‘Outlook Calendar’ by clicking the Calendar icon at the bottom left corner.

3.    Now, open the ‘Home’ tab from the top if it is already not.

4.    Then select ‘Open Calendar’ from the ribbon.

5.    Select ‘From Internet’ in the popup. A small dialog box opens at the center of your screen. Here you’ll need the iCal link which you copied from the Google Calendar.

6.    Paste the copied iCal address into the small dialog box and click ‘OK’ button.

As soon as you finish syncing Google Calendar with Outlook Calendar, you’ll be able to see all your appointments and plans.

How to access your Google Calendar in Chrome

Want to see your schedule while chatting or emailing in Google Chrome? Then adding Google Calendar widget in Chrome could be useful for you. But, make sure your Google account is logged into Chrome.

1.    Launch Google Chrome and link your Google account.

2.    Open ‘Chrome web store’ from Chrome’s menu or do a direct search for Google Calendar extension with the search bar.

3.    Select the extension and then ‘Add to Chrome’.

Once the Google Calendar extension is added to Chrome, its icon will appear in the toolbar. Click the Google Calendar icon to view and manage your plans.

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