Get the Best Health Benefits from Cognitive Health Therapy

Institute For Behavior Therapy is a prominent cognitive behavior health institute where we not only treat a wide range of behavior conditions and disorders, but we also learn the latest scientific theory and procedures of Cognitive Behavior Therapy. We focus on offering the highly effective, unique and result oriented treatments for managing all your mental health conditions.


Dr. Fishman and Dr. Lubetkin is one of the founders of the Institute that have professionalism and practiced in cognitive-behavior therapy to achieve the maximum mental health benefits. At Institute of Behavior Therapy, you can find the most cherished CBT used to identify negative thoughts and emotions, overcoming trauma and sleep disorders, or managing chronic pains. CBT is a type of Psychotherapy and short-term treatment that help to heal and treat anxiety, depression, OCD, Phobias and various behavior and mental conditions with a unique and effective concept.


Need Psychotherapy in Manhattan? We offer the best Psychotherapy to identify negative patterns of thought, behavior and emotions. CBT is a type of talk therapy that helps to lead to a range of benefits. We are an expert in the treatment of the broad array of anxiety disorders (e.g. OCD, social anxiety, panic, phobias, etc.) and depression. If you are seeking the most exceptional and top quality Reality Treatment for Phobias in Manhattan, turn to IFBT.


Need Treatment for Addiction, Depression and OCD in Manhattan? We are a professional group of behaviorally trained and experienced therapists and psychologists committed to offering top-notch Reality Treatment for a range of behavior disorders including Anxiety, Panic, OCD, Anger Attacks, Nightmares, Emotional Numbness, Relationship Closeness Problems, Disruptive behavior problems, Eating, Weight and Body Image Problems. If you want to know about CBT for Skin Picking in Manhattan, we can help you. To learn more CBT, today take a look at!!


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