Get 40G TOE & UOE IP Core & Solution with Network Security Features

As a leader in disruptive technology, Intilop Corporation is professional explorer in offering the first-class and reliable customizable Silicon IP products for networking, data centers, network security and embedded applications. We are leader in TCP Offload technology and products. For Top quality TCP offload Core and TCP Offload Engine in the Silicon Valley Area, look no further than Intilop Corporation. We are designed for the most demanding aerospace and defense platforms to complete the requirement of network security and data storage.

We are Intilop, the leading and dependable vendor of Ultra Low Latency FPGA technology for capital markets in Milpitas, CA. Founded in 2004 in San Jose, CA, We are top-notch, trusted and sophisticated IP developers and EDS (Engineering Design Services) platform in the Silicon Valley Area. We provide a broad range of TCP Offload technology and products to enhance the data transfer speed with the lowest latency as well as resolve the network performance issues.

We are the most trusted network partner that provide the fully tested and innovated TCP/IP Offload products and related software for all functional and performance problems. If you are in search of extended network devices, system solutions and services, rely on the professionalism of Intilop Corporation. We offer a wide range of IP Products including 10G FPGA NIC, 50G/25/40G TCP & UDP Acceleration IP Core for FPGAs, 50G/25G/40G TCP & UDP Offload, TCP Processing Engines, IP Cores, Adapter Boards/ NICs, FPGAs and Boards in a various model number to handle the most networking tasks. If you are looking for indispensible Network Acceleration Products, IP Products, Adapter Boards Products and system solution, turn to Intilop Corporation. Today Contact us at 408-791-6700 and Visit us at!!


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