Fortnite Season X: Challenges and Where to Find Cube Memorials and Rifts

Fortnite has been one of the most famous battle royale games in recent years, and with its tenth season AKA season X it has brought several changes in the game.

Epic Games have changed the challenge system in Fortnite. Now there are Limited-time Missions available, instead of old-style weekly ones. Every set of the challenge has its own theme and is unlocked within a fixed time, or after completing previous missions. The missions are available to season X Battle Pass buyers. The completion of tasks helps them reach tier 100 quickly.

Prestige Missions addition is another massive change in the latest season. After completing a set of missions, you can redo them. There will be similar requirements; however, there will be a higher level of difficulty.

Worlds Collide missions

The worlds collide missions are available for season 10.

  1. Use a Rift

You may remember the rifts back from season 5. The rifts look like crystal and spawn on the island that carries players into the sky. There are four rifts available on the island while the fifth is available in the Loot Lake.

  • Where is a Rift Zone

The rift zones are a new addition to Fortnite, and they are part of the storyline too.

Until now, there are two zones:

  • Tilted town (Neo Tilted)
  • Retail Row (Mega Mall)
  • Deal 200 damage at Loot Lake or Viking Village

The mission says that you can complete it on any of the locations, but Epic Games tweeted that there is a problem in the Loot Lake damage tracking. So you should go to the Viking Village for this one.

  • Finish 3 enemies in the desert

Go to Paradise Palms for this one. Find and eliminate players. Get three of them, and you are good to go.

  • Find three chests at Loot Lake

A simple challenge. Search the Loot Lake for some chests. You should drop there and then search for the chests.

  • Search 4 rifts

You would have to visit 4 of the rifts mentioned above to complete this mission.

  • Finish 4 enemies at Fatal Fields or Paradise Palms

Paradise Palms being a more significant terrain would be a better choice for you to find some weapons and enemies.

  • Eat five foraged mushrooms in one match

Northwest of the map is abundant with mushrooms, so consuming five would be an easy task.

  • Locate five chests in Rift Zones

You would have to either go to Retail Row or Tilted Town for this mission. Among the two, Retail Row would be a little crowded since it is a new place, but you can build her to protect yourself. However, Tilted Town would be less crowded, but chests will not be as readily available there because you cannot build ramps there.

  1. Locate seven chests at Loot Lake or Lucky Landing (Prestige Missions)

Dropping at these locations will increase your chances of getting the chests.

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