Everything You Need to Know About The Morning Show

The Morning Show was one of the first shows announced by Apple when they shared their plans of releasing their streaming service- Apple TV Plus. The upcoming show is star-studded with known faces like Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, and Steve Carell. With such faces and Apple’s goodwill in the market, the show is set to be a hit drama series for Apple. The show is definitely the most significant attention for Apple TV Plus, and with the first teaser clips releasing on YouTube, the hype has reached even higher.


There are a few things you can expect from the show. The first being that Apple ordered two installments for the series and will partially adapted from the book Top of the Morning by Brian Stelter. This is Steve’s first lead TV show role since The Office and the same with Jennifer, as this is her first significant TV show role after Friends.

The second piece of information we have is that Kerry Ehrin is going to be in charge of the show. Kerry already has shows like The Wonder Years, Bates Motel and Friday Night Lights under her belt. She got nominations for Emmy under Outstanding Comedy and Drama series.

The Basic

  • What is The Morning Show? Apple’s debut big drama show
  • Where can it be watched? Exclusively on Apple TV Plus
  • What is the release date? Autumn 2019 September to November

The Trailers

The first glimpse of the show was shown at Apple’s April media event, but it was only until mid of August that we got the full teaser for the show.

The teaser showcases conversations and tone expected from the show. The prestige and fame you get from being a journalist is talked and also the truth of the news. There is not that much to talk about it, but it does set some expectations from the show.

The Release Date

There is no official release date for the show, but Fall 2019 is the release window for the show. It may be one of the first shows available on Apple TV Plus as the streaming service will debut with it.

What is it about?

On the surface, The Morning Show might look like a rival to Good Morning America, but it seems closer to The Newsroom. It will be dark and dramatic, with several conflicts among the characters.

Reese described the show in her words saying that the show will be showing power dynamic struggle among people in the world of morning news telecast.

Jennifer and Reese are in the lead roles with Carell as a co-anchor. IMDB shows Billy Crudup, and Nestor Carbonell as part of other actors in the show.

Where to watch?

As of now, the only place it will be available on is Apple TV Plus. Apple did say that it is going to be a launch exclusive for Apple TV Plus. Whether the show will be distributed somewhere else was not discussed by Apple.

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