Cryptocurrency exchange p2pb2b is releasing a mobile app

Although it may not seem like it, small things can make a big difference. Gmail desktop notifications are a good example: things just start working faster by an order of magnitude when you introduce the right technology. Mobile apps have been a huge trend that swept around the globe in the recent years. GoogleMail, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and PayPal are just a few. We’re walking in step with the times!

That’s why p2pb2b is releasing a mobile app with an array of new features that will make trading even simpler, more intuitive, and geographically unlimited (plus new capabilities like instant notifications when an order gets filled or when coins get to a certain price are in the works). 


The Android and iOS mobile app that is a part of the p2pb2b service allows users to carry p2pb2b in their pocket everywhere they go and make use of the time spent in queues, flights, and taxi rides to get more stuff done (with a lot more efficiency). What’s in the app? 

  1. Buying, selling, checking balances, trading BTC, ETH, USD, canceling orders and keeping track of activity and transferring funds between the Main and Trade accounts 
  2. Swift authorization (KYC and 2FA are coming up) 
  3. Checking order history and trade logs 
  4. Quickly accessing TradingView
  5. Push (but not pushy) notifications of when coins reach a certain price point and when orders get filled) are coming soon. 

p2pb2b is an Estonia-based multi-cryptocurrency exchange platform, one of the first to offer officially licensed crypto exchange services in the world plus some of the most advanced security algorithms today. What’s on offer? 

  • An official European Union license (Estonia is one of the few countries in the world where crypto exchanges are regulated, voting, education, justice, healthcare, banking, taxes, and policing areas have been digitized in a single platform under the E-Estonia Project, and a national cryptocurrency, ESTCoin, is coming up)
  • Stringent verification protocols 
  • No BTC and ETH deposit fees
  • WAF (no patrol dogs here, just a Web Application Firewall) 
  • A list of the latest and most promising IEOs
  • Processing speed of up to 10,000 trades every second and 1,000,000 TCP connections
  • 95% cold storage
  • Some of the lowest fees in the business 

App Store:

Google play:

Sounds too good to be true? Check us out. 

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