Cross-Platform Added To PUBG For PS4 and Xbox One

Created by PUBG Corporation, PUBG has become in recent years’ one of the most well-acclaimed battle royale games. PUBG Corporation is a subsidiary company of South Korean based organization Bluehole. The game has also been released on the mobile platform by Tencent and is a massive hit there too.

Now cross-platform has been made available to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). The cross-platform will allow players from various platforms to play and compete together. As of now, the PS4 and Xbox One have been made available for the cross-platform. This move would double the active PUBG players for the same platform, on paper at least. Even though there have been several other battle royale games released recently, PUBG still has its own loyal user base. Fortnite by Epic Games and Apex Legends by EA are the closest rivals to PUBG, but the game still manages to hold his own. Even though Fortnite and Apex legends were released not so long ago with better technical aspects, PUBG still manages to catch up and even overtake them at times.

The move to add cross-platform will decrease the waiting time in the lobby for players. PUBG is calling it a unified platform for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. To utilize the feature effectively, PUBG Corporation would be shortening the time gap between the updates for PC and other platforms. The updates after August 27, 2019, for the PC version will be available within two weeks for the console counterparts.

August 27 marks the start of Season 4 of PUBG on the console platforms. It will commence with the visual updates for Erangle. The update aims to provide a more stunning and realistic visual to the fan beloved original map, Erangle. The said update was made available on the PC platform back in July this year and it offers improved building style, hidden hints regarding the island’s origin and lore, and also some surprising switches to map’s terrain. The updates will also offer a progress mechanism that will allow the players to finish challenges and missions side by side to avail exciting in-game rewards.

The cross-platform play in video games has evolved rather slowly for everyone’s taste. Microsoft has to lead the way with the feature and Sony has followed their footsteps. Sony has been resisting cross-play calls for Fortnite for far too long now, and the fans are not pleased with it.

The test server for cross-platform integration in PUBG will be made available from this September and then will be officially released in early October. Ashley Nam, who is the Head of Console at PUBG Corporation, stated that the organization looks forward to creating a more coordinated gaming experience.

Maps like Vikendi create a long waiting time for players; however, with the new cross-platform play, this is most likely to change. The move by Bluehole will certainly increase PUBG’s user base while making the gameplay more competitive.

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