Coming to America 2: Morgan Joins the Cast

The 1988 hit comedy Coming to America by Eddie Murphy is set to return with a long-overdue sequel. The fans have started gaining quick knowledge regarding what Eddie has in the bag for everyone.

Now the news of Tracy Morgan getting cast in the movie has been released, and the fans love it. Murphy’s sequel initially began as rumors and pieces of information in the starting of March 2017. After a short period of time went by, the fans were delighted to hear that the sequel was actually going to happen. After making the official announcement for the sequel, Eddie has respected the original film. Murphy has brought back the majority of the main cast and also intends to connect the dots left after the initial installment.


The first part of the movie named Coming to America showed Eddie in several hilarious minor roles while also playing the main lead of Prince Akeem. Akeem has recently traveled to Queens, New York in his quest for love. He was accompanied by his loyal wingman Semmi played by Arsenio Hall.

The cast returning as we know is:

  • Eddie Murphy as soon becoming King Akeem
  • Arsenio Hall as Semmi
  • James Earl Jones in the role of current King of Zamunda
  • Shari Headley as Lisa (Akeem’s Wife)
  • John Amos as Lisa’s father
  • Maurice played by Louie Anderson

And now Tracy Morgan has reportedly been added to the list of all the original cast.

The cast aside the original cast showcases a taste of fresh talent.

  • Leslie Jones known for Saturday Night Live (SNL)
  • Kiki Layne known for If Beale Street Could Talk
  • Wesly Snipes known for Blade

Morgan is supposed to play the role of Reem, who is a hustler on the streets and also the brother of Leslie’s character.

The plot starts with the current fictional king of Zamunda, played by James Earl Jones dying. The king’s dying wish is  Akeem’s return to the kingdom. He also wants Akeem to raise his illegitimate child who should be crowned as the following prince of Zamunda. Leslie Jones is to play the mother of the child named Lavelle.

While initially Murphy was rumored to play the main antagonist for the movie, it seems unlikely now. That role as of now seems to go to Snipes who will play the ruler of Zamunda’s fictional neighboring nation.

With such a talented and well-recognized cast along with the script by Murphy, the film is set to do some great business. Craig Brewer known for films like Empire and Hustle and Flow is going to direct the movie, which increases the hype for the movie even more. Of course how well the movie actually will be is still unknown, however, with every piece already set for the film, it is expected to be as good as its first part.

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