Breaking Bad Movie: Bob Odenkirk Confirms That The Filming Is Over

Bob Odenkirk, mostly known for his role of Saul Goodman in the crime-drama show Breaking Bad has recently confirmed that the movie counterpart of Breaking Bad has finished filming. The rumors surrounding the project started last fall, when it was stated that a sequel for the hit show might be created. It was also rumored that it was the original writer and director Vince Gilligan who would handle the show. The role of Walter White in the sequel was not made clear, but it was stated that Jesse Pinkman played by Aaron Paul will be returning.



Now that several months have passed after the said rumors, Bob Odenkirk has announced that it is actually a film and not a sequel. The film will allegedly go by the name Greenbrier and has included major familiar faces from the show, which also includes Bryan Cranston. The premiere is said to be lined up for AMC and Netflix, although none of the mentioned principals ever confirmed the project.

Bryan and Aaron made fans skeptic earlier this year when they stated that they were working on a project together. Many of the fans believed it to be something Breaking Badly related; however, the duo was teasing us for their line of Mezcal, or so it seemed. It looks like the pair already knew about the upcoming movie and were trolling the fans all along.

It was everyone’s faithful and beloved lawyer Saul Goodman who announced that the movie production has already finished. Bob Odenkirk, who plays Saul Goodman, has starred in Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. He stated that he does not know what the general public knows about the project. It is hard for him to believe that nobody knew it was getting shot. How could it be a secret? He said that it is a remarkable job from the crew that no information regarding the movie got leaked.

While high-profile projects of Star Wars and Marvel try to maintain a high level of secrecy. It is astonishing how the Breaking Bad movie went under everyone’s radar. It is a big project, and the fact that no set photos, rumors, or inside look got leaked, is truly commendable. Bob Odenkirk was never confirmed to be in the film; still, it is reasonable that he would have information regarding the movie. With Better Call Saul season 5 on its way to a 2020 release, Bob must be spending lots of time with Vince.

The movie crew did a fantastic job of keeping the movie a secret until now. The production for the film is already complete, so it is only a matter of time before AMC makes an official announcement for it. The silence from the production house has to be broken sometime in the near future. Whatever the movie is going to feature, it already has fans’ attention and excitement invested.

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