A Quiet Place Part 2: Release Date, Cast, Rumors, and More

A Quiet Place released in 2018 was one of the best movies in the horror-thriller genre for the year, and now the movie is set to return with its second part. The movie was created by John Krasinski, who is an Actor and Filmmaker by profession.

John was not too sure about the sequel until January this year. In an interview, he stated that he does not want the movie to turn in an action film where everyone blasts everything with their machine guns. He went on to praise Paramount for not jumping on any dumb plot ideas which seemed more series-oriented. John allegedly only signed up for the sequel after he came up with a concept befitting the first part. He did not reveal much, only saying that it is a small idea and befits the settings of the movie.

The filming has started

John Krasinski announced on Twitter on June 2019 that he has begun filming A Quiet Place Part 2. The fans have previously experienced dreadful sequels to horror movies like Blair Witch and A Psycho. However, with John making the film as cautiously as he claims, this one might be an exception.

The Basic Info

(Spoilers for first part ahead)

John will direct and write the movie, but he most likely will not reprise his role in this one. Lee Abbott, played by John, seemingly sacrificed himself in the first part, but there is a chance he may appear in the flashbacks.  Emily Blunt, who is John’s both real life and movie wife, will return as Evelyn, with Millicent Simmons and Noah Jupe as her kids. Millicent is deaf in the movie, which makes the dynamic much more interesting.

Release Date and Production Information

The filmmaking began this year in June with John releasing a picture from the sets on Twitter. The movie is being shot in western New York, in a small village Akron,  which makes sense as the first movie was shot there too.

The movie is set to release on March 20, 2020, which is two months earlier than its previously decided date May 2020.

The Cast

  • Emily Blunt –  Evelyn Abbott
  • Millicent Simmonds –  Regan Abbott
  • Noah Jupe –  Marcus Abbott
  • Cillian Murphy – an unknown role
  • Barbara Singer –  an old woman in a store
  • Wayne Duvall –  Roger

A Series, Not a Sequel

The movie is not supposed to be a sequel but like the second book of a series. John said that he knows that it sounds semantic, but it really is not. He said that he is not going to show the exact plot with minor changes all over again. It is kind of an exploration of getting used to survive under such circumstances.

The back-story of Monsters

How did they originate? Where did they come from? How did they take over? There is not much known about the monsters, so it is one of the best speculations, that they will be explored more in the second part. It was previously stated that John is also interested in making a prequel of the movie, showing how did the world get the way it is.

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