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Global Business Jet Market: Industry Analysis and Forecast 2021-2027

How to regain access to a forgotten password LinkedIn account?

Nowadays, a number of websites ask you to sign in or sign up. Without an account, you won’t be able to access your social media networks. Possibly, you’ll have a collection of login IDs and passwords at this time. And, remembering all these complex passwords is really a hard task. Therefore, you might forget the password of your account. No need to worry, if you’ve also forgotten your LinkedIn account password and are unable to access it. Resetting the password on LinkedIn is very simple, and when you do this, you’ll regain access to your account. Here is how to regain access to a forgotten password LinkedIn account Resetting the password on LinkedIn You’ll have to do this from the LinkedIn website with any browser. Though there are several ways to reset the LinkedIn account password, you can use an email address and phone number registered on your account to regain your account access. The instructions given in this article is through the email address. Launch a web browser such as Ch

How to Boot a Connected User from your Wi-Fi Network

Is someone eating up your network speed and data continuously? Booting is the only way to get rid of them. You have a couple of ways to kick someone off from your Wi-Fi connection, either it is your neighbour mooching your Wi-Fi, your roommate downloading movies, or kids watching YouTube instead of doing their schoolwork. Well, you may have already that you can remove connected users by changing your Wi-Fi password. But reconnecting all your devices after password reset is tiresome. No worries, it is not the only way to get rid of connected users. Here is how to boot a connected user from your Wi-Fi Network. Removing or blocking a user from your router’s page There are a lot of things you can do with your Wi-Fi from the router’s page. This not only allows you to remove the connected users, you can also block them too. Once you block a device, it will no longer be able to access your Wi-Fi and connect to it. Let’s begin the process. 1.    First, disconnect all your connected devices exc


Find your essential emails easily with color coding. If you receive hundreds of messages every day, then finding a specific email could be difficult. In such a situation you’ll want to mark your important messages so that you can quickly see them whenever you need. Mac OS X Mail offers a lot of features with ease of access, and the Email background color is one from them. It provides you various colors to choose from, pick, and mark the emails as you want. You can highlight your important or frequently used email with red. Here is  how to add or change background colors in emails on Mac OS X Mail . How to add color in an Email’s background in Mail app on Mac Setting a background color in the emails is a pretty simple job; you just have to select the message and choose a color for it from the ‘Format/Show Colors’ menu.  You can remove the color whenever you want. Here is the process to set colors in an email’s background. 1.    Launch the app and go to the folder or smart folder that ha


You can do a lot more with your PlayStation 4 console than just playing games. If you’ve already known this, possibly you’re taking full advantage of your console. In addition to playing the games you can use your console to stream TV shows and movies, play Blu-ray discs as well as listen to music. Along with these additional features, you’ve also got a web browser integrated with your PlayStation 4 that you can use to surf the web. The browser in your PlayStation somewhat looks like Apple’s popular browser, “Safari.” If instead of gaming, you want to enjoy other activities in your PS4, then you’ll need to know how to use your PS4 browser. As you’ve to use your gaming controller to use the browser, controlling could be difficult with it. You might want to access your frequently used websites quickly, that you can only do through bookmarks. Once a site is added to the bookmarks, accessing it would become easy. Here is  how to add and manage bookmarks in your PlayStation 4 browser . How


Accessing Windows Live Hotmail account through the web is pretty simple.  But, web access is not so convenient and you might prefer using apps instead of the website. App access is uncomplicated as well as the handiest way that most of the people like. If you have a Mac computer, then you might want to access your Windows Live Hotmail account with the power and flexibility of Mac OS X Mail app. POP3 and IMAP connections are the two ways to get your messages from Hotmail account to your Mac computer. These two are the internet protocols through which email clients communicate with email services. At the time of setting up your email in an email client such as Mac OS X Mail manually, you’ll be asked to choose one protocol. Here is  how to access your Windows Live Hotmail account in Mac OS X Mail . Accessing Windows Live Hotmail in Mac OS X Mail with IMAP Although both protocols work the same and give you access to your account. But the main difference in these two is that IMAP is more ad

How to Block VNC in a Computer to Prevent Remote Access

Though VNC is a useful feature when you don’t have your computer near you and have work on it. A VNC enabled system can be accessed and controlled remotely with an internal or external network. If your computer has enabled it, then you can remotely administer it through your network. Probably you do not want your system to be accessed and controlled by someone else. If you have left VNC enabled on your computer, then viewing your data and activities won’t be difficult enough for someone else. Luckily, you can block VNC on your PC whenever you want. Here are the ways: 1.    Blocking from the Windows Firewall with Advanced Security 2.    Disabling VNC Service 3.    Uninstalling VNC program from your system 4.    Disconnecting your PC from the Network Here is how to block VNC in a computer to prevent accessing remotely. Blocking from the Windows Firewall with Advanced Security You’ll need to access your computer that has VNC enabled. There is no way to block VNC remotely. Here are the dir