Top 5 Best Features of the All-New iPadOS

Apple has designed the new iPadOS only for its iPad tablets. The iPadOS is full of the latest technology and features. This iPadOS 13 has many strange features to iOS13. iPadOS is a sibling of iOS 13, which is specially designed for iPads only. That is the reason behind the increased hype of youngsters for the new OS. The developers with their account can use it right now, but the public beta addition is not out yet. We’ll keep you updated about that shortly. For now, let’s dive into the topic of iPad 13 upcoming features.

1. Compatible with PS4 DualShock Controllers

Meanwhile the keynote, they said that the tvOS would support with PlayStation 4 dual shock controllers and the Xbox controllers. But they didn’t say that the iPadOS 13 would also have the same feature. Unexpectedly the new iPad OS can connect with an Xbox and PS4 controllers. For gaming nerds, it’s a piece of good news because they can use the new iPad OS more like a gaming console. Don’t hesitate to play high-end games in it because with the gaming joysticks the joy of playing games in the iPad will be twice as before.

2. Safari Download Manager

In the new Safari browser, you will be getting the ease of downloads and tons of new features. Rumors says that it will have the Desktop browsing features. Just think of browsing the internet as same as you do in your computer’s browser. Such as downloading multiple files at once,  ZIP, RAR, folders, videos, and documents. The downloaded files stored in the device downloads folder.

3. Video Editing with Undo Options

One of the best features which new Apple iPad carries. Rotate your videos from horizontal to verticle, trim, cut, crop, etc. You will not be required to turn your PC on to start video editing, especially if you are a Vlogger or a YouTuber. You can also undo any changes if you want to go back one or two steps. Make your videos full of beautiful effects and filters.

4. Floating  Keyboard

People had gone crazy when they heard of swipe typing keyword in the iOS 13. In the iPadOS 13, you will get a floating keyboard, which makes it possible to move and shrink your keyboard. This feature can be helpful if you want to keep typing while also watching something on the screen.

5. iPad Pencil Enhancements

The new iPad is also getting some improvements in this writing feature. Now it will feel more natural while using the pencil feature in iPad OS 13. it will be like writing on a real paper. The eraser also enhanced to a pixel eraser which can erase more accurately. With the help of a pencil, you can also take screenshots by dragging it from the downside of your tablet.

Wrapping It Up

Gaming controllers supported, pencil improvements, floating keyboard, video editing, Safari download manager upgrades, etc. these all are the new upcoming features of iPadOS.

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