Top 5 Best Email Marketing Tools for 2019

Email Marketing has been considered a strong pillar of the whole digital marketing. It has the power and might to convert leads and potential customers into active customers. In today’s time, where every third person becomes an entrepreneur and starts a new business, they all have to use digital marketing to stand a chance in today’s market. Because the whole market depends on their customers and all customers like to search on Google to look for a product or service.  But sometimes even when you get the leads you fail to convert them. Today we will discuss some Important tools and services which can help you and your business to convert your raw customer into an active customer. So let’s talk about the best email marketing tools or services which are available in 2019 to nurture your potential clients and maximize your business. But let’s firstly talk about the requirements of email marketing.

Minimum Requirements to Start Email Marketing:

  • Your website must have some traffic.

  • You have to receive some leads through your website.

  • A minimum budget will be required when you start getting many leads.

What are the Benefits of Email Marketing?

  1. Email marketing can increase your re-visitors on your website.

  2. Chances get an increase in a potential customer to become actual customers.

  3. Enhanced sales.

Best Free Email Marketing Tools and Services in 2019


When it comes to the best free email marketing tools, the MailChimp takes the highest place. MailChimp was my first choice when I was a beginner in digital marketing. It allows you to shoot mails in bulks with the free limit of 12000 emails per month and 2000 subscribers at most, which is seriously awesome for beginners. When you get some experience in email marketing, you can go for the premium version of MailChimp which expands the Mails limits to manifolds. This tool is the best email marketing service that can help you to get your traffic into real customers.


If you have a tight budget but want to test the power of email marketing, then I will suggest you go for it. MailerLite provides you to reach 1000 subscribers for free. If you have an audience of fewer than 1000 customers, I would suggest you go with this one tool as it will make little experienced about what power does email marketing holds. Grow your email subscribers list with no expenses. This tool will provide you many useful features such as requesting your web visitors to subscribe you for your emails, landing page options, popup, and lead magnet form builders.

Top 5 Best Email Marketing Tools/Services for Experts in 2019

1. Constant Contact

It is known as the most popular email marketing service in 2019. It is suitable for small businesses and entrepreneurs. It has hundreds of customizable email templates that help you to design attractive emails and nurturing your leads to become your customer. It comes with a free trial for 30 days, but later it becomes a bit expensive email marketing service.

2. Drip

Drip is especially for eCommerce merchants who want to sell their product or services online. It converts your visitors into email subscribers, which plays an important role in nurturing people. It lets you have a deep conversation with your clients. This service also comes with an only paid subscription.

3. ConvertKit

This service is appropriate for bloggers and publishers. It is specially built for content creators to make a strong connection between the bloggers and reader. It also comes with email automation builder to create attractive personalized emails.

4. AWeber

This service is used for lead generation in almost every small business. This email service has Tools which need to grow email subscribers. Now design newsletters with drag and drop like easy options. It can be connected through WordPress to collect leads.

5. SendinBlue

This service provides both email and SMS marketing tools to nurture your customers in every possible way. The SMS marketing tool is payable, but you have to buy it only once in your life. You have to pay separately for SMS subscription.

You will increase your business and sales by choosing an appropriate email marketing service according to your business.

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