Subway Surfers: 5 Tricks, Tips and Strategies to Stay Ahead

Playing Subway Surfers in free time is quite entertaining and addictive. But sometimes this game makes you beg for the coins. Why? Because only coins will provide you the opportunity to buy some fantastic tools and gadgets in the game, which makes it even for exciting and joyful.

I am playing this game for a while now, and I have discovered some awesome tricks and strategies in the game.

Today, I am sharing these tricks and tips with you to make your gaming experience more fun.

Let’s get started!

1. Hoverboard-the life-saving gadget

You may think that the hoverboard is just for making the run more joyful, but it is more than just that. It can save your life when you get trapped between all three trains. You can instantly get a hoverboard by only double tapping at your mobile screen. It will destroy the train in front of you result in saving your life, which will allow you to continue your journey. By doing this trick, you can make a lot of money in a single run. It is the most useful gadget of all time in subway surfer nothing beats it. Remember, whenever you think that you have trapped just double tap the screen and see the magic.

2. Using your coins wisely

You may spend your money on buying other avatars or characters in the game, but these things don’t worth your money at all. There are no enhancements in characters and hoverboards beside their faces. Why waste money on the things that don’t make you stronger or faster these all these things are just for the look! Always remember, use your money wisely in the game for, e.g., use your money to boost and power-up upgrades. After you get the maximize performance of your character, then you can go for the characters, hoverboards, etc.

3. Stay on the top of trains!

Don’t always dodge the trains by moving left to right because it can be a severe issue for you. Make sure you jump over the trains to avoid them. Staying at the top of the train is a wise decision because it gives you a clear and full view of your upcoming challenges and threats. If you remain on the ground, there are more chances to get killed by various obstacles. So, become a pro player and never rest on the ground.

4. Never leave the daily challenges and missions!

Daily challenges and missions make you richer in the game. Make sure you complete all daily tasks and missions to become the king. You get boosts and many rewards by doing just that daily. You always get a paid in bulk by these tricks. I have found this trick handy to become the master of Subway Surfers.

Make it your habit to complete these tasks daily to get paid high in the game.

5. The wise use of your jetpacks

The jet pack can give you an edge over the obstacles, and you can earn a lot of coins just by flying into the sky. Never leave any jetpack. It may be a little tough to do that but trust me you can stay alive longer if you stay at the top of the sky. Yes, you can increase its performance and durability just by spending a few coins. Staying at the heights can allow you to ignore your dangers. But keep in mind when your jetpack’s fuel gets over, make sure you take a hoverboard because most people get hit by the trains when they land on the ground.

I hope this article will help you master Subway Surfers.
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