New Chip Lets Bluetooth Wireless Headphones Respond To Alexa

Knowles is well known for supplying microphones to numerous smart device manufacturers like Apple and with the recent discovery, developers at Knowles recently revealed a new chip which enables wireless Bluetooth headphones to pair and respond to Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant.

Prior to this, users of Alexa enabled wireless headphones had to hold a switch or a button from the side of their headphone to initiate the assistant. With recent times, users have got used to calling out names of their personal voice assistants.

It includes devices like Google Home, Eco Dot, Siri, and many more. Still, such voice assistant devices are generally plugged into a fixed power supply and paired with the home network. Moreover, these devices use a power supply to regularly outflow the digital signal processor, which continually tries to detect the name of the assistant at all times through the in-built microphone.

Due to such complex mechanics and limited battery life, it becomes quite challenging to enable such voice assistance on cordless headphones. During 2016, Apple introduced its wireless AirPods which did not feature any compatibility with Siri until the generation 2 AirPods got revealed during March.

Even Samsung managed to include some features to its cordless, but that also became possible since April. With the recent update Galaxy Buds, users can access to Bixby voice assistance, but to a limited extent. On the other hand, Google has not introduced any such feature for its Google voice assistant yet.

Still making a great leap ahead, Knowles has discovered a new chip which would enable any wireless headphone manufacturer to integrate the Amazon Alexa into their Bluetooth headphones easily. Recently Mike Polacek, President at Knowles, stated in an interview to Routers that it was a complicated task to develop this new chip and required some intense research and development. Still, developers have shown some extreme, and finally, we have made it possible.

As of now, Knowles has confirmed that LinkPlay and Anker are already set to include this new chip in their future products which would enable their Bluetooth enabled devices to access Amazon Alexa voice assistance.

Bose has also expressed its plans to include such chips to their devices which would also enable them to pair with Echo Dot and Alexa voice assistant. Still, no such confirmation is made by Knowles yet, but it is quite likely that in the coming future, there will be numerous other brands which would include such chips which would allow their devices to pair with different voice assistants.

Further on the director at Amazon Alexa voice services, suggested that the Knowles new chip is a great advancement in the field of voice assistant support and surely this new development would save a lot of time and money for all such individuals who purchase separate speakers and microphones for their Amazon Alexa. It would be quite interesting to observe what more advancements could become accessible for Amazon Alexa users given the recent developments in the field of voice assistance.

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