Mortal Kombat 11: Krypt Map Hints At All The Fire Chests And Collectibles

Mortal Kombat 11 title requires players to gather a certain amount of resources to open chest and avail necessary resources like Koins, Hearts, Souls by going through the Krypt.

Krypt is a sort of a maze which makes it more likely for players to miss out on those hidden chests. Moreover, the Krypt consist of different types of chest’s like regular chest, Hidden chest, Soul chest, Fire chest, and Shao Kahn chest.

Still, to open such Krypt chest’s, players require to collect a number of different resources like Souls, Koinsand Hearts which can be earned by completing various in-game modes.

When players collect a substantial amount of all such resources then they can start exploring the Krypt maze where a number of chests are scattered all across the map and players can unlock some really cool cosmetics and wearable items.

A Reddit user namely The6thCelestial managed to discover every possible chest on various Krypt maps and posted the exact locations for the same. He even used different color shades to differentiate between all the available chest on the map.

Still, it is possible that some of the chests might still be hidden somewhere down the maze as it is really very hard to undermine each and every location on the Krypt map. The6thCelestial also commented on his Reddit post that he has currently managed to discover the mentioned chests on various Krypt map’s and it is quite possible that players may experience some chest at the location not specified in the map.

Nevertheless, it definitely took a tremendous amount of effort to discover all the hinted chest boxes as they grant very valuable content in the game and helps players customize their characters in various different ways.

Even though these cosmetics could also be purchased from the in-game shop, but the set price for each item cost around $5 which hinders players from accessing these unique items as they prove to be a heavy toll on the wallets of players and not every individual desire to spend such high amount of cash.

In addition, players will find a number of secrets hidden all across the pathway of Krypt. If players use Kenshi’s blindfold, then gamers would be able to discover several hints associated with previous Mortal Kombat movies and a number of hidden locations would become accessible in the game.

So players can have a plethora of costumes and useable items after visiting the Krypt map, but players should first try to collect plenty of resources like Koins and Souls by completing different modes in the game as no chest would be accessible in the game until players grab on to the resources.  The Mortal Kombat title is undoubtedly going to excite all the action lover players, and it would be quite interesting to observe as to what NetherRealm Studios is under ways to introduce for its fans in the coming future, as many community members have been speculating that some new DLC characters could be featured in the near future for players to have even more options to choose from in the game.

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