Is multicolor pigment powder coating possible?

Yes, powder coating can be mixed. There are many scenarios to consider.

1. Physical mixing of two or more powders will give you a mottled finish. By mixing oranges, medium chocolate, and dark chocolate, you can simulate a rust patina. A powdery mixture of large particle textures can give the effect you see on the shingle roof. Mixing light green with black powder will give you the appearance of weathered copper.

2. Some powder is a mixture of incompatible ingredients and produces what is commonly referred to as veins and finishes "hammertone". Veins consist of a dry mixture of incompatible powders and silver or bronze pigments. Hammertones are mixtures of powder that are not compatible with other powders. This is best formulated by a powder factory, but you can experiment with combining common powder with these veins and hammertones to get an interesting effect. Phthalocyanine Pigments in Powder Coating

3. Metal and pearls. The simplest technique to create a metal effect is to combine a powder coating that has been made with metal pigments. Aluminum flakes are used most often, but you can also try bronze and stainless steel pigments to create interesting effects. A concentration of 0.2 to 5.0% is typical. Pearlescent is a specially synthesized flake that gives a shimmering effect. This can be inserted like a metal pigment. Pearl variations include color shift fragments that appear as one color at a certain angle of view and other colors at different angles. application of powder coatings

4. Holographic effect. This is one of my favorites. Microscopic flakes that have a prismatic effect can be added to the powder. Most dramatic effects are manifested in darker, brighter colors. This holographic flake is rather expensive but produces rainbow colors when you change your perspective.

5. Apply dry powder to another dry powder. Gradient color effects can be achieved by applying one color to the part of your target then covering the rest with another color. Intersections of two colors can be very aesthetic. Some people have found a way to simulate wood grain by spraying several layers of dry powder and dark brown then combing the surface before looking at the oven.

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