How To Use Google Images Without Any Hassles

If you are a blogger or digital marketer, you will find it hard to use Google images on your blog or website because every image you see on the Google search results page is someone’s property. But finally, I discovered many ways to use Google images without any hassles. I have now become an expert in blogging, and today, I am going to share all my secrets on how to use Google images without any hassles.

How To Use Google Search Engine Result Page Images With Google Search Result Modifier?

This method is the easiest and fastest way to use images without any problem — this process of using images for a commercial purpose also one of Google’s recommendations.

  1. Go to Google and search for the images which you need on your website or blog.

  2. Now click on “Images” and then click on “Settings” located below the search bar.

  3. A drop-down will appear to select the “Advanced search” option.

  4. Scroll down to the bottom and then click on “Usage rights.”

  5. Now, you can select from the options, for the blogging purpose and commercial use choose the option “free to use or share, even commercially.”

  6. Now click on the “advanced search button,” and now you can access all images that do not come with any hassles.

Pros: Google recommends its user to use this method to reuse its search result images. It is the fastest and best way to find the images that you needed for commercial use.

Cons: You may not find enough images of your choice due to modifying the result. Sometimes the images also come irrelevantly. So keep in mind that if you search for any specified thing such as tech gadget, smartphone by its name and model, or any other specific thing, then it will not be there.

Example: Search for Samsung J7 Prime, and you will not find any image that you need to re-use in your blog or website.

Photoshop- Best way to use Google images!

Try learning the below things in Adobe Photoshop: 

  • Learn how to remove background from an image using Photoshop.

  • How to resize and compress and an image.

  • Learn to flip images horizontally and vertically.

  • To save images in various formats.

It does not take much time to understand all these things and when you start editing images in Adobe Photoshop, you will become an expert of Photoshop.
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