How to Unlock or Jailbreak your iPhone: Guide for beginners

To get full access of an iOS operated device, you need to unlock its potential, to do just that there is the term Jailbreaking used in tech. Jailbreaking is very much similar to rooting an Android device. It allows one to perform such tasks that are impossible for an average user. By jailbreaking your iPhone, you can delete any system apps and install any custom ROM if you want. This process isn’t easy at all, but we have made a full guide for a beginner to unlock your iOS device. Nowadays, this process has become so easier and faster than before due to some software such as Yalu102 and jailbreak. Make sure you go through the full article carefully.

Back-Up Your Precious Data Before Moving Forward

First of all, save all data in your computer’s hard drive or over cloud storage. Then run an iTunes Sync to backup your preferences and important data. By Jailbreaking, you may lose all your stored settings, data, etc. It is strongly recommended to backup your all data to a safe place. After the jailbreaking process gets completed, you can restore your data in your iPhone.

How to Unlock the potential of your iPhone Jailbreaking- step by step tutorial

Note: If you have older OS than iOS 12.1.2 then, You first needed to update your iPhone to iOS 12.1.2 version. To, update your iPhone to the latest version, follow the below steps.

Go to Settings> General > Software Update.

Then just let the process complete.

Step 1: Download the zjailbreak application on your device.

Step 2: Go to Ziyu’s official website and download the Ziyu app.

Step 3: Open the Ziyu app and press Browse jailbreak Repo List.

step 4: Press the copy option on one of the supported repo (Cydia is mostly supported).

Step 5: Move back to the Ziyu app and tap extract repo. Paste the link which you copied from the text box.

Step 6: Hit the Extract button.

The app has been installed successfully.

Now you can restore the data that you saved before. Then, open iTunes and restore your data and settings.

You have successfully unlocked your iPhone

Since you have now unlocked your iPhone, you can download several free apps. You can uninstall all annoying and useless apps and bloatware. By uninstalling unwanted apps, you can earn a lot of internal storage. Make sure you bookmark our website for more helpful articles.
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