How to Turn On Speedometer in Google Maps

Google Maps is considered as the best map and navigation apps by the masses. This is because it has a number of features and options. Google Maps provides new abilities to its users regularly. The most recent update is regarding a speedometer. Google has simply added a virtual speedometer in the app. This allows the users to keep track of their speed alongside the regional speed limitations.

Yes, Google has finally introduced the speedometer, which lets users track the speed at which they are traveling or driving. Let’s check out the process to turn on the newly added speedometer in Google Maps.

Turn on Speedometer in Google Maps

  • Launch the Google Maps app on your phone.

  • Tap on the menu icon.

  • Select the Settings option.

  • Now, from the list, tap on Navigation Settings.

  • The Speedometer option will be available at the bottom.

  • Turn the Speedometer option on.

When you have turned on the speedometer, you can opt to navigate between different points, and you will see that the Google Maps app will show a virtual speedometer at the lower left-hand edge of the screen.

This new addition will be very beneficial when more updates concerning the Speed Limits tool of Google Maps get rolled out. This is where the application knows the local speed limits and will warn the users when they exceed the set limit. The speedometer will be colored red and yellow when the user goes beyond the regional speed limit. This is a very useful addition.

Keep a Check on your Speed with Google Maps

With the rollout of the speedometer, Google Maps has become more powerful. While the app had an array of robust features, this new addition is definitely icing on the cake. A number of individuals had been demanding for such a feature for a long time, and finally, their wish has been fulfilled. This feature will help them while driving, and now users will not have to use third-party apps to check their speed during the course of navigation.

You should note that the speedometer is not broadly available at present. However, the individuals who have the feature hail from different nations across the globe, such as Canada, the United Kingdom, and the USA. The major problem is the absence of Android Auto support. Users will need to mount their smartphone and make use of Google Maps or Android Auto to view it.
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