How to Resolve ‘Copy & Paste Function Not Responding on Windows PC’ Issue?

Are you using Windows? Troubling from copy and paste function not working issue? No worries, It is an occasional issue which encounters by many Windows users for several years. Although an earlier version of Windows users often faces this issue. However, this error occurs due to many causes. Well, some windows users resolve this issue by rebooting the computer system, but some users are unable to troubleshoot these issues and found it more difficult and complicated. Some users reported that this function does not work on particular web pages which are using at the time of browsing the internet. Moreover, this kind of issues can arise on various web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Explorer, Safari, and many others.

On the other hand, during the time issue occurred on the screen, users might observe that computer system taken high usage of memory. It indicates that a complex threat might have settled on the computer system. Underneath we illustrated a few solutions which should troubleshoot copy and paste functions doesn’t work on Windows 10 PC. In case, if you doubt that this function doesn’t work due to online threats or malware, then we recommend you to scan your computer system with any of the anti-malware tools. It is the foremost thing which you should try before following other solutions. The steps are discussed before.

Steps to Resolve Copy & Paste Function Not Responding on Windows PC Issue

Underneath we suggest you some solutions which troubleshoot your copy & paste function not responding issue on Windows PC. Though the steps are simple and easy, but to avert unnecessary trouble, we suggest you follow the instruction in the same way as mentioned on the screen. Here how to do it:

Solution-1: Use System File Checker

For troubleshooting the issue, check your computer system with system file checker issue for troubleshooting Windows issues. Here how to do it:

  1. Tap the ‘Windows + R’ tab simultaneously to open the ‘Run’ command box on the screen.

  2. In the search command box, type ‘cmd’ and click on ‘Enter’ key.

  3. After this, your screen asked for a password to start, try to open the application through the ‘Start’ tab.

  4. Now, enter the ‘Command Prompt.’

  5. Then, right-press on it and click on the ‘Run as administrator’ option.

  6. Once the program launched on the screen, type ‘sfc/scannow.’

  7. Wait for a minute or until the system completely scans the devices and troubleshoot issues.

Solution-2: Reset ‘dwe.exe Process

Follow the steps discussed below will help you in troubleshooting the issue. Follow them:

  1. Press the ‘Windows + R’ keys at once to launch the Run window.

  2. Inside the Run search box, you need to type ‘dwm.exe’ and tap on ‘Enter’ key.

  3. Right-tap on ‘dwm.exe’ file and choose the ‘End Task’ option.

  4. Then, exit your Windows Task Manager option and again click on to reopen it.

  5. Also, tap on the ‘File’ option and choose ‘Run new task’ option.

  6. Again, type ‘dwm.exe’ inside the dialogue box appears on the screen and press the ‘Enter’ key to complete the process.

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