How to Keep Your Apple Airpods Clean

Anything we use gets dirty with time and requires a thorough cleaning. There is no such technology currently available which doesn’t require a cleaning hand. Apple AirPods are the best earbuds of all time, but they also get dirty and need cleaning. In today’s article, we will talk about how you can clean your precious AirPods by yourself. These earbuds are very sensitive and can be damaged if cleaned roughly. So make sure you follow our full guide carefully.

The Safest Way to Clean Your Apple Airpods- Beginners Guide

  • Apple stated that we should use a “mild, free from moisture, pure cotton cloth” to clean the outer body of AirPods.

  • We shouldn’t rub it with a cloth. Just gently moving a soft fiber cloth on its external body should be enough.

  • Never try to use any detergent or other cleaning agents.

  • Do not use any moist or wet cloth.

  • To clean the meshes and grilles of microphone or speaker, Apple recommends using a small piece of dry cotton.

  • You can use a tiny soft brush to clean the grilles of speaker and mic.

  • Never try using a regular brush which has hard hair. It can damage your device.

  • Do not try to clean the debris stuck on speaker grilles using a sharp object or tool. You can also void your warranty by doing that.

When to Clean Your Earbuds?

The best time to clean your earbuds depends on how you keep it. So it’s up to you. But Apple says that one should clean the debris every week, especially from the speaker and mic grilles. If you clean the dust from the grilles, it will also help to flow sound freely from the buds a little dust can stop the full potential of the output of sound coming from these tiny powerful speakers.

  • Always use a cotton swab to clean these little buds.

  • If they exposed to water by accident, then immediately wipe them with a pure cotton microfiber cloth.

  • Never use a dryer to dry you Airpods if they came in contact with moisture.

  • Never use your Apple earbuds during a workout because the sweat can get through those speaker meshes and then your AirPods will die a horrible death.

  • During an exercise, try to use an ordinary pair of wireless headphones. Even if they stop working, you will not have that much loss.

How to Clean the Charging Case of Apple Airpods?

Apple recommends using a microfiber cloth to clean the charging case. Using a fabric slightly dampened in the isopropyl alcohol(in general- Rubbing Alcohol) to clean airpods gives no harm to your earbuds.

But, at first, try to only clean with a pure cotton cloth. If it doesn’t clean the dirt, then try gently using the isopropyl alcohol.

  • Do not fill your charging case with the rubbing alcohol. Use a moistened cloth in rubbing alcohol to wipe gently.

  • If the dirt has accumulated inside the charging chamber, then try to blow air inside the charging box to remove any debris. (do not breath into the charging case.)

Wrapping It Up

Always follow the manufacturer’s guidance to clean your earbuds. Apple Airpods are very expensive; thus, they require a careful hand while cleaning.

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