How to Install Latest Android Q beta 4 on Non-Pixel Smartphones

Android Q beta 4 is the most recent Android version. Surely, it has various new excellent features and themes. However, most of the latest releases are not available for all Android Smartphones and tablet. But thankfully, Android Q beta 4 is available for some compatible non-pixel smartphones. Here are some compatible devices and the instruction to install Android Q beta 4 on non-Pixel smartphones.

If you also want to use Android Q beta 4 version on your Android device, first check whether your device is compatible. You can only install the operating system on compatible non-Pixel smartphones.

How to install latest Android Q beta 4 on Huawei Mate 20 Pro

Finally, the Android Q beta 4 is available for Huawei. If you want to use it, then your Huawei account must be signed up with the same email address, your developer account is.

1.    From your Huawei Mate 20 Pro, go to “”

2.    Install the Beta app from the page that opens.

3.    Open the Beta app and sign in with your Huawei account sign up with the email of Google play developer account.

4.    And the sign up for the Developer project.

How to install latest Android Q beta 4 on One Plus 6 & 6T

1.    Go to the official site of One Plus and download the most recent ROM upgrade on your One Plus device storage.

2.    When the file download, open ‘Settings.’

3.    Go to ‘System.’

4.    Select ‘System Updates’.

5.    Click on the icon at the upper right side.

6.    Select ‘Local upgrade.’

7.    Click the installation and click ‘Upgrade.’

8.    Restart your smartphone when the system upgrade completes.

Now, wait once your device reboot in recovery mode to erase the user data. Then after updating restart again.

How to install latest Android Q beta 4 on Essential smartphone

Note: Before starting the installation process, create and save a factory image. And, add the fastboot tool from “” to the path. You must be a developer because, without developer options, you can’t install the Android Q beta 4 on your Android device.

Tips: Continue clicking on the build number until a message saying, “You’re now a developer.”

1.    Access the developer option to enable USB Debugging and OEM Unlocking.

2.    Then connect the device to the PC.

3.    Open the ADB tool.

4.    Run “adb reboot bootloader” command.

5.    Then restart your smartphone.

6.    Now, unlock the bootloader by running the fast flashing unlock command.

7.    When your phone is restarting, hold down the ‘Volume -‘ button to open Fastboot mode.

8.    Then unzip the factory image that you have created earlier by running “flashall.bat” command on Windows and “” on Mac or Linux.

9.    Run ‘fastboot flashing lock’ command to lock the bootloader again.

How to install latest Android Q beta 4 on Sony Xperia XZ3

Only H8416 & H9469/9493 versions of Sony Xperia XZ3 are compatible with Android Q beta 4. If you also have any of these models and want to install the beta version on it, then factory reset your phone before beginning the procedure.

1.    Download Sony’s Companion app on your Windows PC or Mac computer from “”

2.    Open the Companion application, after complete installing.

3.    When you’re on the main screen, press and hold the ‘Alt’ button then click on the ‘Software Repair’ option.

4.    Select ‘My device can’t be detected or started.’

5.    Click ‘Next.’

6.    Wait until the initialization completes.

7.    Then follow the instructions to finish.

How to install latest Android Q beta 4 on Nokia 8.1

Only TA-1119/-21/-28 models & 00WW images of Nokia 8.1 are compatible with Android Q beta. To install the beta version on your Nokia 8.1,

1.    Visit “”

2.    And sign up or sign in with a Nokia account.

3.    Then add your Nokia 8.1 in your account.

4.    Now, you can request for Android Q beta 4 to install on your phone.

These are some most popular Android and non-Pixel smartphones that support Android Q beta 4.

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