How to Enable or Disable & Clear Clipboard History in Windows 10?

Cloud Clipboard feature on Windows 10 allows you to create a list of numerous copied text place so the you can use it. Many Windows 10 users reported that all Clipboard Data is automatically cleared when they restart the computer system. However, the main question of users is how they can enable or disable it manually. Here in this blog, we are mentioning how the user can enable or disable clear clipboard history feature in Windows 10. The steps are discussed below.

Steps to Enable or Disable & Clear Clipboard History Feature in Windows 10

Previously, Windows 10 was not having a feature to disable the clipboard history feature. Users had to use some other ways to clear or delete Clipboard history. Underneath are some steps which help you in enabling and disabling or clear clipboard history feature in Windows 10 systems. But before you go with the process, we suggest you follow the steps in the series as illustrated below will help you in saving lots of time and efforts. Here how to do it:

Instructions to Enable or Disable Clipboard History Feature in Windows 10

  1. Open ‘Power Menu’ by pressing the Windows + X altogether on the keyboard.

  2. Go to the ‘Settings’ tab and double-click on it to open settings option on the screen.

  3. Choose ‘System’ option located in the ‘Settings’ tab.

  4. Click on the ‘Clipboard option.

  5. Then, disable the toggle by changing it green to white in the Clipboard History feature option.

Once done, this will indicate that users easily disabling the Clipboard history feature. However, the default settings, the clipboard will long hold the end item and even not displaying the data on the clipboard.

But in some cases, steps are different, which are as follows:

  1. Tap Windows + V to launch the Clipboard Manager on the screen.

  2. Now, a prompt window appears on the screen which says: ‘Can’t show history, See all copied items in place, Turn on clipboard history now’ option.

  3. Select the ‘Available’ tab to enable it.

  4. Doing this will hide all the previous data and make sure that no any copied data is preserved properly.

Steps to Clear Clipboard History on Windows 10

To clear the Clipboard History in Windows 10 and also all those items which are synced across the devices, follow the below-given steps to clear Clipboard History on Windows 10 which are as follows:

  1. Launch the ‘Settings’ tab by tapping on the Settings icon.

  2. Tap on the ‘System’ option.

  3. Press the ‘Clipboard’ tab to open it.

  4. In the ‘Clear Clipboard Data’ section, tap on the ‘Clear’ tab to clear the Clipboard history.

After completing the above-mentioned steps, all the things that are locally stored on your clipboard on your system and Microsoft will be automatically deleted from your PC although items which are pinned in the Clipboard experience will be saved into the PC.

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