How to Control Smart Lights Easily through Alexa

Technology has made it possible to control your home lights through your voice. You can do it with the use of Alexa. It is necessary, however, to have a few particular things. They include a smart plug, light bulb, or wall switch, and a device for using Alexa. When it comes to smart bulbs, many are compatible with Alexa such as LIFX bulbs, Philips Hue, and more. There are white and other color options, which cost more.


Still, the cheapest Wi-Fi bulb can be costly for you. You also have the option to choose Alexa-compatible wall switches like Energenie MiHome or Lightwave RF.

How to turn on lights using Alexa?

The Alexa app is must have for getting started. You can download it on your Android or iOS device. If you have the Amazon Echo, you might already have this app. The light bulb, plug, or switch needs to be installed first, to be controlled through Alexa. Follow these steps on Alexa:

1. Launch the app and tap the Devices option at the bottom section.

2. Now, tap the plus icon available at the top right.

3. Choose the dedicated device type, whether it is plug, light, or switch.

4. Select the ideal brand from the drop-down menu.

5. Keep going with the instructions available on the screen.

Mostly, it is necessary to connect the hardware account with the Amazon account and allow the app for using the account. After setting it up, you can easily control the light through the Alexa app on your phone. You can even rename the device if you want to and make it easier for Alexa as well. Go to the device list section and tap the cog icon available at the top right part. Now, tap on Edit name option and use an ideal name that is easy for Alexa. The most straightforward command for turning on light through Alexa is ‘Alexa, turn on (particular name of the light).’ If the light is supportive of dimming or changing colors, you can even use these commands:

* ‘Alexa, make the light red.”

*’Alexa, dim the room.”

* ‘Alexa, make the kitchen brighter.”

How to control a group of lights through Alexa?

1. Open the Alexa app and visit the Devices section.

2. Tap on the + icon available at the top right part of the screen.

3. Now, touch the Add group option.

4. You can either choose a customized name or the pre-defined names for the group.

5. Select the devices that you want to include in the group.

6. Tap the Save option at last.

How to schedule light’s turn on and off through Alexa?

You must be thinking if it is possible to make a routine of the turn on and off. It is possible, and you can easily schedule the turning on and off of individual or group of lights. For that, go to the top-left section of the app and tap on the three-lines. Then, swipe in from the left side for opening the main menu section. Choose Routines and then touch the plus icon. Tap the plus button again with ‘When this happens’ option and make a schedule accordingly.

Decide when you want the light or lights to turn on by tapping Select right next to ‘At Time.’ For repeating on specific days, tap Select available next to Repeat and select the days. Now tap on the Next option available at the top.

The New Routine screen will pop up again. You will have to tap on the plus button available next to the Add action option. Select Smart Home from the list and then either the Control device or Control Option accordingly. The Control device option is ideal for turning on one light while the Control group option is perfect for turning on more than one lights simultaneously.

So, this is how you can ideally control smart lights through Alexa!

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