Guide for Using Apple AirPods with Apple TV

Apple’s wireless AirPod consist of smart AI, namely Siri, which transforms these standard headphones into an interactive computer program right inside the user’s ears. This device was first brought to notice during 2016 and since has become widely accessible amongst the Apple device users.

With the expertise of Apple technologies, Apple AirPod has stood out upfront in comparison to other earbud-style wireless headphones. Moreover, these headphones also provide crystal clear sound listening experience even in crowded places. Interestingly enough, you may have paired your wireless Airpods with your iPhone or iPad; still, these Apple AirPods can also be paired with your Apple TV.

It is not a common practice to use AirPod with Apple TV as mostly all the family members access to the TV, still, if you are the only user, then paring the AirPods with your Apple TV can be quite convenient. Users can avail a number of benefits by pairing their Apple AirPod with their TV; some of such uses are mentioned below.

  • Simply use the double tap feature on your AirPod to play or pause your TV content.

  • Directly listen to your Apple TV audio.

  • Apple TV will automatically get paused if the user removes the AirPod from their ears.

  • AirPod would act as Bluetooth receivers and pause the Siri feature if connected to Apple TV.

If you wish to try to pair your AirPods with your Apple TV and experience a different TV watching experience, then follow the steps mentioned below in proper order.

 Steps To Pair AirPods With Apple TV

  • Place your Apple AirPods inside the charging case and close it.

  • Now long press the “Paring button” form the backside of the AirPod charging case.

  • Wait for the Status light to turn white.

  • Then switch on your Apple TV.

  • After that, head to the “Setting” of your Apple TV.

  • Now users will have to select the “Remotes and Devices” option from the Apple Siri Remote controller or any other remote which you use to operate your Apple TV.

  • Then choose the “Bluetooth” option.

  • After that, users will have to choose the name of their AirPod from all the devices available for pairing.

Once the user chooses their AirPod from their Apple TV, both the devices would pair automatically. It is essential to understand that the Siri AI would be disabled on AirPod while they are paired with the Apple TV.

So users will not be able to give voice commands to Siri for operating their Apple TV like reducing the volume or changing channels. Hopefully, users will now be able to pair Apple TV with AirPods and enjoy their TV viewing experience with great ease.

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