Google Cardboard VR: Cheap Thrills at Its Finest Workings of a VR Headset

Virtual Reality devices enable users to experience a realm of the virtual universe with endless possibilities. But availing a VR headset can be a massive blow to a users wallet. So if you are a VR enthusiast and want to experience all the hype behind this new expensive tech, then there is an affordable alternative introduced by Google, namely Google Cardboard VR.

Google Cardboard VR is one of the most affordable VR headset available in the market which can help bingers to experience the functioning of VR headsets. Although the Google Cardboard VR headsets are basically made of cardboard and represent a simple form of a virtual reality headset, still this devices is considerably one of the most affordable options to choose from the expensive range of VR products available in the market.

Workings of a VR Headset

Every VR headset is comprised of a pair of lenses and two separate display housings inside a single frame that allows each eye to have a crystal clear view respectively. Moreover, the Google Cardboard VR also features a tracker which enables the device to track the movement and location of an individual. Due to this motion tracking, an individual can experience the shift in their on VR display screen, which gives a sense of witnessing the virtual space.

The Google Cardboard VR headset brings the basics of any VR set in a compressed manner and allows an individual to experience the basics of any VR headset at an affordable price. Although there is a wide range of VR headsets to choose from and all bring along some exciting features like ray tracing and motion sensing. Google Cardboard VR has made its own presence in the market as it allows users to experience all the basics included in any VR headset that too in affordable cost.

Although VR headset provides its users with all the basic VR features, still it lacks in the hardware quality of the device. Which drastically impacts the performance of the Google Cardboard VR headset. As this device is prominently made of cardboard, so it becomes accessible to broad masses. Due to which Google develops a number of interactive games, images, and pictures that enables Google Cardboard users to have a fantastic experience while using this device.

Still, it is essential to understand that the Google Cardboard users can only experience the virtual reality environment while moving their head left or right as this device is not enabled with full body motion sensor or X-ray tracing. So users can only access limited games, videos, and images which only requires the motion sensing of your head.

All together Google Cardboard VR headset is a viable option special for bingers who are enthusiastic in knowing the working of VR headsets. It would be exciting to observe a new mode for the Google Cardboard VR in the feature as the Virtual Reality games, and videos are the feature for the gaming industry, and Google also wants to have a strong foothold in such dynamic market.

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