Effective Ways to Turn On Enhanced Search Mode in Windows 10

Recently, Microsoft has added its new Enhanced Search Mode in Windows 10 v1903. However, as compared to the Classic Mode, Enhanced search mode helps users in indexing everything on your Windows 10 computer system. Here in this blog article, we provide you steps for how to turn on Enhanced Search Mode in Windows 10. Also, discussed in detail how Enhanced Search Mode is different from the Classic Search. Just follow the steps and easily enable the Enhanced Search Mode on your system.

However, For changing the Windows 10 start search, users may need to follow the steps which are as follows. Click on the ‘Start’ tab. Once you type, the results will categorize into Apps, Emails, Documents, Web Folders, Music, People,  Settings, Media, etc. Primarily, the reason why users are using Enhanced Mode.

About Classic Windows Search Mode

Classic Windows Search is one of the oldest search techniques of Windows 10. Although the Classic Search Mode is completely limited to the Desktop and Libraries. Many Windows 10 end users can opt to customize search location by adding them manually to the indexer. In short, it would index all files and folders which users really wish to indexed. If in case, the search term was not indexing, it would automatically start the regular search, which takes much more time.

About Enhanced Windows Search Mode

Do you know Enhanced Search Mode will help users in indexing everything stored on their system? Well, it is the type of default nature, exactly reverse of the Classic Search. Many users can keep out those folders where the Search will even not find, and in fact, search for everything which could be personal for the users. Moreover, it simply means that it can crash the battery life of your laptop. Though the crawl of the data will not take place whenever you connected it to power.

Steps to Enable Enhanced Search Mode in Windows 10 PC

Before continuing with the process, we suggest you follow the below-given process in the same series as discussed here. As it will save times and prevent unnecessary error and trouble. Follow the steps which are listed below:

  1. Navigate to the ‘Settings’ option.

  2. Go to the ‘Search’ option and type ‘Searching Window.’

  3. Then, click on the ‘Searching Windows’ option.

  4. After that, click on the ‘Radio tab for Enhanced’ option.

  5. Now, select those folders which Windows Indexer should prohibit from the Enhanced Search Mode.

Finished! So next time when you search, Windows is getting at all the places and since they are in the index, and the results will be much faster than others.

Furthermore, here are two more settings in which users should look are as follows:

  • Advanced Search Indexer Settings.

  • Run Indexing Troubleshooter Tool.

Setting-1: Advanced Search Indexer

The Advanced Search Indexer settings will let the users to fine tune that how or when Windows will search or which types of files Windows will search. However, it will automatically open those settings which are available in the classic search.

Setting-2: Run Indexing Troubleshooter Tool

Once you click on the Indexing Troubleshooter tool, then Windows will automatically start the troubleshooter to resolve any of the Search and Indexing related issues on Windows 10.

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