Apple to Split Up iTunes on Mac Into Three Different Apps

In the year 2001, Apple launched iTunes. It quickly became one of the most popular software across the globe. This music and media manager was well received by iOS users. However, things have taken a turn. Apple has announced that iTunes on Mac will soon be shut down. As a replacement, Apple will be introducing three distinct apps:

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  • Apple Music

  • Apple TV

  • Apple Podcasts

However, what happens to all the songs and playlists in your iTunes? Do you like buying individual songs rather than paying a month-based subscription? Well, read on, and you will find the answers.

In the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple unveiled macOs Catalina. They also announced the impending end of iTunes.

Apple Music

Apple Music is a subscription-based service which offers unlimited music. It has become quite popular amongst the masses. However, some people prefer buying individual songs from the iTunes Store.

Apple TV

In the era of cord cutting, Apple introduced its own digital content platform. This service is slated to release in a few months and will feature original shows and films.

Apple Podcasts

Given the rising popularity of podcasts, it is good that Apple is introducing a separate app for it. Merging it in iTunes would have made it too cluttered and messy.

How will Apple go about it?

Basically, iTunes is going to divide the responsibilities amongst different apps. Apple has posted a document that contains the answers for several questions regarding the new development.

Songs imported to iTunes or bought from the iTunes Store shall automatically appear in the Apple Music application. Similarly, playlists, along with smart playlists, will also be automatically added to the app.

The iTunes Store will not be shutting down; it will just get transformed into a tab that will be available in the Apple Music application on Mac.

iTunes podcasts will also get moved to the brand-new Podcasts application, paired with the subscriptions. The audiobooks will be transferred to the upgraded Apple Books application on Mac.

The films and show that were purchased or rented from the iTunes Store will also appear in the Apple TV application automatically.

If you have iTunes credits, then they will get transferred as well.

Final Words

From the looks of it, it seems like splitting up iTunes into three different apps is a good move. Whether it is true or not, we will have to wait to find out.

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