Apple Set To Rollout watchOS 6 With Some Brand New Features

A new watchOS 6 update is confirmed by Apple during the recent WWDC 2019 event, and inevitably this new update will introduce some exclusive features which would help an Apple Watch user to have a much more diverse usage and applicability of their Apple Watch.

Though every new update brings along some new and improved features to the Apple Watch, still the upcoming new watchOS 6 would enable users to explore numerous uses for their Apple Watch. Some such features are already available on developer beta and soon will be available for public use. To know about some of the exclusive new features for the upcoming Apple watchOS 6 update, refer to the list mentioned below.

Activity Trends of User

New watchOS 6 update has drastically improved on the Activity feature of the Apple Watch as users will now be able to access a new tab, namely Trends inside the Activity application. The trend feature comprises of three separate rings, which helps a user to know about their daily activity status. Mainly the three rings complete the circle on the basis of your regular exercise pattern of last 365 days in comparison to your past 90 days of activity record. This new Trends feature would enable an individual to ascertain their daily performance and activity record.

Tracking Cycle

Apple Watch has become an essential product in tracking day to day health data by maintaining a systematic record of the heartbeat, distance walked, and the amount of daily activity a user performs. But in addition to such diverse uses, Apple Watch will now also help women users in tracking their monthly cycles. The new cycle app would allow a user to maintain a record of when the period hits and note down the details of the flow with the additional option of including different symptoms like migraines. This allows the user to adjust to the period cycle as the app would send notifications before the next due date.

Dedicated Apple Store  

Apple Watch is finally set to include a dedicated Apple Store and users can not only search for their prefer app straight from their wrist, but users can also view and download some specific apps dedicated for Apple Watch. By introducing the Apple Store for the Apple Watch, users can now download, search, and install numerous apps which would tremendously improve the use of Apple Watch in general.

Accessing Independent Apps

With the new watchOS 6 update, users will be able to access numerous self-developed apps which would specifically focus on Apple Watch. This new feature would allow independent developers to make the Apple Watch interactions much more fun and exciting. Moreover, there is no requirement of pairing your iPhone for the working of such stand-alone applications so it would make the Apple Watch much more independent in usage.

Noise Detection

Once the watchOS 6 update becomes accessible, users will be able to convert their Apple Watch into a decibel reader. This would help an individual as their Apple Watch would transmit warning signals if you enter in a loud environment and the noise level could potently damage your ears. A notification message will be flashed to the user if the surrounding sounds are above 90 decibels, which is potently detrimental for the human body as per the World Health Organization.

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