5 Must Buy Car Gadgets in 2019

Technology makes your life easier and luxurious. The wise use of tech can make your car driving experience comfortable and relaxed. Some of these gadgets are almost necessary to have in your car. Without them, you will be helpless in some situations. To understand a situation like that, let’s assume you are going to an unknown place. You have no idea about the routes, and you have to reach at the destination as soon as possible, the best solution for such a condition is using Google Maps, but you should have a strong mobile holder to hold your phone at the right place to see what Google map shows you. I hope that you are getting my point. Some gadgets are very useful to have in your car.

1. iOttie Easy One Touch 4 Dash & Windshield Car Mount Phone Holder 

 This mobile phone holder keeps your phone safe and easy to access while driving on roads. This holder isn’t just an ordinary phone holder. It can take a full load of heavy handsets. This Smartphone holder can hold your phone stable while driving through bumps, speed-breakers, high speeds, etc. It has a onetime use high powered suction cup that also has an adhesive, which makes it impossible to fall over from the dashboard. The build quality of this mobile holder is excellent, which makes it very strong. It also has a round rubber ring to keep your phone to its desired place.

2. I Mirror Dash Cam Dual Dashboard Camera 

Mostly videos that you see on YouTube of roads car crashes and other road activities are recorded by these dash cams. You can also have the same fun that others are by recording your road view by this Dual Dashboard camera, after that you can upload some of your best-shot videos. It has the capability to record front view in 1080p recording quality and 720p of the cabin facing-camera.

3. Anker Quick Charge 3.0 & USB Type-C 54w 4-Port USB Car Charger

This charger lets you charge your Smartphone and other electronic devices with ease. It can charge a mobile phone from 0-80% in less than half an hour. It is compatible with almost every mobile phone. We all sometimes need a car charger to charge our dying phone, but other car chargers are so slow. They don’t charge your phone for more than 40%. We suggest you buy this one, as it comes with 18 months warranty, which is a great deal. This charger can last longer than 2-3 years if you use it carefully.

4.  ZEEPIN TPMS Solar Power Universal, Wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring System With 4 DIY Sensors

This gadget will help you to diagnose your car’s tires pressure while resting inside the car. You will get four tiny sensors which can be fit into your car tires. These sensors can be connected to the primary led monitor to show you the current tire pressure. If you see any changes in tire pressure, you can optimize their pressure accordingly. Just make sure you install it correctly according to the user manual. You can also take support from professionals to install it properly.

5. Mpow BH044 Bluetooth Receiver, Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Car Adapter

Mpow is a popular brand of earphones and headphones. This Bluetooth receiver lets you connect your phones audio to your car’s stereo input, which will create a 4.1 connectivity. You can now enjoy hands-free calling with this tiny gadget. It has a single multipurpose button which allows you to receive calls, play, pause, and mute. The process of installing it is pretty much simple plug it in your aux input and listen to what you want.

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