How to Tackle the Windows 10 Sandbox Mode Missing Problem

Windows 10 offers a lot of exciting and useful features. One of them is the Windows Sandbox, which is no less than a virtual PC being provided with this operating system. It is an outstanding feature, which allows for running the .exe files that you don’t trust for using in your computer. Though, with the Windows 10 version 1903 update, the Windows Sandbox is missing. It is not clear why Microsoft took the step of hiding this feature.  But, you can get it in your computer by manually activating it.

Explore Task Manager first

Before you move to the activation process, you must check that the CPU Virtualization is allowed in your computer. It is a crucial function that is connected with Windows Sandbox. There are chances that the CPU virtualization might not be enabled in your PC. The best solution will be to figure it out earlier to avoid this issue during activation. Follow these steps:

1. Go to the taskbar in your PC and click on the Task Manager option.

2. Once the Task Manager window opens, go to the Personalization section and check the bottom-right section.

3. You will see the status of CPU Virtualization over there.

4. If it shows Enabled, then you can move ahead to activate Activate Windows Sandbox.

But, if you see the that the CPU Virtualization is disabled, you will have to explore the BIOS or UEFI for enabling the same. You can easily allow it, but the process is not the same with all the PCs. And, you need to go through the PC or motherboard documentation for finding the process related to it.

Activation of Windows Sandbox

After enabling the CPU Virtualization in your PC and having the Windows 10 version 1903 Update already installed, the process of activating Windows Sandows is pretty simple. Go through these steps:

1. Enter windows feature after opening the Start menu and then click on the Open button.

2. The Windows Features window will show up on the screen, keep scrolling down till you see the Windows Sandbox option. Once you identify it, click on the box next to it and then hit the OK button.

3. You will have to wait for a while till the activation process of Windows Sandbox completes.

4. After completion, the option to restart the PC will appear on the screen. Click on the Restart Now option.

In this way, Windows Sandbox is successfully activated on your computer. Go to the Start Menu after restarting to access it. Though, it might load for a while when you use it for the first time.

If Windows Sandbox is not there on Windows Features?

Just in case, if some of you don’t see the Windows Sandbox option in the Windows Features window, you must check whether you have the recent update installed or not. To check, enter “winver” in the Start menu, and then hit the Enter button. The next screen will ideally show you the Windows version running on your PC and if you have the 1903 version or not. You will have to get the recent update if any other version is shown over there. Enter windows update in the Start menu section, hit the Open button, and then choose the Check for Updates option. The update will be there for you, and if it is not, you need to visit here after some time again as the 1903 version is rolling out gradually by Microsoft. It also depends upon the hardware configuration on your PC. The update will appear if your PC will be capable of handling the 1903 update.
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