How to save your Bugia from pests?

If you want your baggage to remain green, it is very important to take proper care of it. Not only this, apart from giving fertilization and watering from time to time, it is also necessary to protect from home insecticides only from different insects. There are many types of insects in plants like FD, MiBBG, Quired Mite, Termite, White fly, etc. There are many types of pesticides available in the market for their control, but you can get rid of these pests without damaging the Bagia with these toxic chemicals. Yes, by using natural things like neem, garlic, you can prepare effective insecticides at home.

Aphrodisiac pest: Neem spray is controlled by spraying plants 2-3 times with a difference of 15 days. These sprays prepared with neem leaves are effective on insects.

Termite: If there is a termite in the soil of the garden, then prepare the crater before planting any plant and allow sunlight for some days. Then mix 1-2 grams of neem cake in a mixture of manure soil and fill the pit and plant ropes. This controls the termite.

Leaf Worm: If you see a few leaves in the garden, then the wick will also be visible on the leaf surface. Garlic can be very beneficial for their control. Take half a cup of garlic and put it in half a liter of water and mix it for 1 or 2 hours. Then filter and fill in a spray bottle and spray on the plants. Neem is also very useful for the removal of coriander. Keep checking the bugs so that any insect-disease can be detected in the early stages only, the control can be done easily.

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