Guide To Cleaning A Flat Panel Monitor

Cleaning a flat screen monitor is not a very challenging task, but it requires some extra care as flat panel monitor’s surface tends to be antistatic and much more delicate than a glass. So cleaning it in an inappropriate manner can result in permanent damage like etching, cloudiness, or even scratches.

Moreover, various other parts of the monitor are composed of different elements like the stand and frame, which requires separate methods to clean than the regular dusting in the household. So users can refer to the simple tips below to properly clean their flat panel monitor and have a crisp computer display screen.

Tips for cleaning a flat panel monitor

Although many people use a napkin or a piece of cloth to clean their monitor screen, still using a soft cotton cloth is best recommended by experts as such cotton cloths are made of tiny microfibers especially designed to clean the surface of electronic devices. Such cloths can easily be availed from an office supply store or online, but if you are unable to find any suitable cotton cloth to clean your device, then you can also use a paper towel for temporary cleaning.

Users should make sure to keep a designated cotton cloth for cleaning their electronic devices as by using the same fabric for cleaning other items can leave dust particles on the cloth which can harm your flat panel screen when using the same cloth for cleaning.

Various flat panel monitor manufacturer tends to apply a special powder on the screen to avoid any of the packing material to stick on the display such as tape or the bubble wrap. To remove this powder from the screen, users will have to soak the cotton microfiber cloth with some water and gently clean the screen using the wet cloth. Remember that no access water is required to clean the screen, and just a few drops on the fabric would do the trick.

Generally, computer monitors screens are full of fingerprint marks and invisible dust particles. To avoid such stains and marks on your screen, a user should make a regular practice to clean their monitor by making a habit of wiping their monitors once every week which would automatically help you in keeping your flat panel monitor much more crisp and sharp.

 But the critical point to consider while cleaning your desktop is to not apply a lot of pressure on the screen as it can result in scratching of the screen making it potentially damaged.

Still, it is possible that after cleaning your monitor gently some stubborn stains persist on the screen. In such a scenario, properly wash and then rinse the cotton cloth and slowly wipe the screen again to remove the stain permanently.

Hopefully, you will be able to clean your flat panel monitor with greater ease by following the tips mentioned below and enjoy your working experience on your computer to the fullest.

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