Configure your McAfee Email Protection to get filtered emails

With McAfee email protection software, users get an all-around protection against viruses, spam, data leakage, and other messaging threats. Most of the users are not aware of the fact that email gateways could be one of the easiest paths for viruses to reach a users mailbox. Therefore, to fight against such risks, McAfee activate helps users to build an extra layer of protection.

As the email gateway keeps a track of all the incoming mails, it typically processes the emails such as archiving it or filtering spam. Once the mail passes the gateway, it overtakes the mail to the mail server that delivers the mail to its respective receiver. However, McAfee activate keeps the track of all the received email in the synchronized email box and block maximum malicious emails.

Nevertheless, to get this service, a user must configure McAfee email protection hybrid scanning system on the email gateway. To know how to configure the email protection, make sure you have an active account on along with an active McAfee activate subscription. If you already have this, you are entitled to execute the steps below.

How to configure McAfee email protection Hybrid scanning?

  1. Launch McAfee activate Appliance Management Console and click Email, then choose Hybrid Configuration

  2. Enter your McAfee SecurityCenter account credentials associated with

  3. Click Register and the Domain Management tab will open up

  4. In Domain Management page, click Add Domain

  5. Enter the Domain name and press Add Server button

  6. Enter the IP Address/ Domain name and the Port

  7. Click OK and proceed

  8. Go to Email> Email Configuration and configure the option as per the requirement

  9. Go to  Email> Email Policies, and configure the option as per the requirement

  • You can enable or disable Hybrid anti-virus scanning

  1. Save the setting changes by click Apply

You have now successfully made the changes and the emails you receive afterward will be filtered. If the steps did not work for you or you were suspended while accessing your mcafee account, check whether your McAfee activate subscription is valid. If not then make sure to renew the product in order to get the better protection.

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