Check Out Cost of Hair Transplant in India

Cost of hair transplant will vary person to person because the present grade of baldness decides the overall hair transplant price in India.

Hair transplant is a surgical procedure through which the hair is extracted from the donor area and they are implanted in the receipt area. Hair Transplant This is the fastest and quickest way to get rid of baldness. Once your hair is transplanted, your hair behaves naturally and after that After this, your hair grow naturally.

Cost of Hair Transplant in India

There are some other factors that also affect the overall price of hair transplant which is mention below -

Number of Grafts

Technique Used (FUE/ FUT)

Experience and Education of Surgeon


Let’s discuss each factor that affects that overall hair transplant price in India.

Present Grade of Baldness:

There are 7 stages of baldness and the cost of hair transplantation is different for each stage. If we talk of Stage 1 then the Cost of Hair Transplant on stage 1 is very low as it is the initial level of hair fall and it requires fewer sessions. Hair transplant total cost for one session on Stage 1 of Baldness comes from Rs 3000 to 5000 (excluding Medication and other expenses).

The price of Hair Transplant is higher on Stage 2, 3 and 4 than Stage 1. You will have to pay Rs 5000 to 40000 for every session.

Baldness is high on Stage 5, 6 and 7, hence the hair transplant cost is also high on these stages. You have to pay  Rs 50000 to 80000 for every session.

Number of Grafts:

The number of grafts is another major factor the affects the cost of hair transplant in India. The more number of grafts required, the higher the cost and the need for the number of grafts varies from each stage. Now you would want to know how many numbers of grafts are required for each stage?

  1. The number of grafts on stage 1 is up to 500 to 1000.

  2. The number of grafts on stage 2 is up to 1000.

  3. The number of grafts on stage 3 is up to 1500.

  4. The number of grafts on stage 4 is up to 2500.

  5. Number of grafts at stage 5 ranges from 2500 to 3500.

  6. Number of grafts at stage 6 ranges from 3500 to 4500.

  7. The number of grafts in stage 7 is more than 4500.

Technique Used (FUE/ FUT):

There are two major techniques of hair transplantation in India which is FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation).

*FUE Technique

In FUE hair transplant procedure surgeon extract follicular units from the donor area using a small microneedle. then surgeon transplant these units into your balding areas. Each unit contains 1 to 4 hairs.

Most of the surgeons suggest this method for a hair transplant because it is an advanced and celebrated method for hair transplantation.  In FUE method you need to pay for per follicle.

Fue technique requires experienced and well-skilled surgeon so the cost of FUE method is higher than FUT method.

There many good Hair transplant clinics in India like Jaipur Skin City which provides high standards hair transplant using the FUE technique.

* FUT Technique

FUT is a traditional method of hair transplant in India. The recovery period of FUT is longer than FUE technique. Cost of FUT is cheaper as compared to FUE.

Experience and Education of Surgeon:

Experience and education of the surgeon also affect the overall cost of hair transplant. Highly experienced and educated surgeon charges more but gives a good result.

It is advisable that you should get details about the surgeon's experience and education before getting Hair Transplant Treatment

Location of Surgeon:

Cost of hair transplant in India is different in every area. If you want to take hair transplants treatment in big cities like Mumbai or Chennai then you will have to pay more fees as compared to small cities.

Before choosing a surgeon for a hair transplant, you should get complete information about him such as reviews, success rate, and cost.

Hope this information was helpful for you.

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