7 Best Money-Saving Apps for Android and iOS

In today’s fast-paced world, saving money is very important. We often think about it, but when the time comes to take the essential step for saving we ignore it. To get started with saving is basically what most people find hard. If you are not able to save money on your own, your Smartphone can be the best companion and guide.

Money-Saving Apps

There are plenty of apps in the market that are destined to help you with saving your hard-earned money. Most of them are free and available for both Android and iOS devices. You can even manage your regular spending budget using these apps.

Let’s have a look at the best money-saving apps:

1. Mint

Keep track of your general finances perfectly with the Mint app. This app not only helps you with your bills but even offers you great saving tips. If you use this app on an iPad device, you get to see all the information related to your money in the form of graphs. Security is not a matter of concern with this money-saving app as it is being offered with multi-factor authentication. There is also an option to disable access from your phone through the official website if you find any issue with the app. Get this app on your iOS or Android device for free and stay away from money related problems.

2. RetailMeNot

If you love shopping and spend most of your money in stores, the RetailMeNot app is specially made for you. You get discount coupons and code with this app that will help you reduce the total amount of the bill. Just show the coupon through your phone at the billing desk and get an amazing discount on your favorite products from your favorite brands.

3. LivingSocial

LivingSocial is simply one of the best money-saving apps that provides great offers on various local events, restaurants, hotels and more. There’s an added advantage that you get, and that is if you share your deals with others on your social media profiles and three people buy from there, you will get the deal for free. You can get this free app on Windows as well, along with iOS and Android.


Buying groceries is more exciting and easy with the app. It allows you to save money on groceries that you purchase from major shops such as Walmart, Target, Dollar General and more. To get the discount, you will have to link your loyalty card with You can check nearby stores where you can get special deals and discount on products through this app.

5. Trivago

We all save money to go on vacations. And, accommodation is the first things that you have to plan. Trivago can be the perfect solution in this case. It provides not only ideal stay options for you but also gives a considerable discount on hotels. You can save a lot of money on your vacation with this app and spend on other things such as food, adventure, etc.

6. Goldstar

Finding exciting events around your city becomes very easy with the use of Goldstar app. When you find the ideal event that you want to attend, you are destined to get a special discount on it. From concerts to the sports events and more, you can get the ticket of all types of events with this outstanding app. Also, you can check the reviews of others who already been to a particular event.

7. Hopper

Hopper is yet another great travel and vacation app for you. It helps you with your flights by finding the ideal flight with the best price. If you are not in a hurry and need a discount on flights in the future, this app will let you know the dates when you can get the maximum discount. So, save money while you travel with Hopper app, available for both iOS and Android.


These apps come with different set of feature and help you save your precious money. You can save money on vacation, shopping, events and more using these money-saving apps. Choose the app that you want according to your needs and get the benefits from regular use.

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