7 Best Apps to Control your Android Device from PC

Technological advancement has made it possible for a person to connect different devices with each other. The network of interconnected devices and machines makes it convenient for individuals to use multiple devices via a native or straightforward UI. You can connect your Android handheld to your PC either with a wired connection or wirelessly. Let’s explore the different ways to control your Android smartphone from your Windows PC.

Best Tools to Control Android Phones from PC

  • SlideSync

SlideSync is a tool created by Samsung. It is a boon to the ones who want to control their Android phones from their Windows computers fully. Hence, if you own a Samsung smartphone, then you should go for SlideSync. Using this app, you will be able to access all the apps on your smartphone directly from your computer. The UI of the app is extremely simple, and easy to navigate.

  • Join

Join is the best tool for people who prefer to surf the internet on their smartphones. This robust tool offers several features. You can pair the chrome application with your PC, once you have installed it on your Android device. It can be used for sending the website links. You can also type text messages by going to the Join mobile app. It enables you to send texts, documents, and capture screenshots. But, this tool does not allow you to control your Android device fully. On the other hand, this tool is extremely light and does not cause any crashes or lag in the system speed.

  • DeskDock

Rather than mirroring Android to PC, DeskDock provides a different method for controlling Android on PC. In particular, this tool allows you to share the computer’s mouse with your Android phone. In case your smartphone or tab and computer are kept beside each other, if you move the mouse over to the opposite side, it will transition to the phone or tab. This is a functional means when it comes to quickly opening and closing applications and internet browsing.

  • AirDroid

AirDroid is an extraordinary application which is a mish-mash of diverse astounding features. It enables you to transfer text messages, WhatsApp messages, share the clipboard, add documents, and much more. Further, it also mirrors the keyboard, mouse, along with the screen. The transfer limit for the free version is 30MB. AirDroid’s file transfer feature is rather quick and steady. It permits the user to review and reply to the Android device notifications on PC.

  • Pushbullet

Pushbullet is an app that lets you synchronize different devices to share files and send messages. Furthermore, this tool also supports WhatsApp. It allows you to send messages and check out the new ones. On the downside, its free version comes with a restriction of 100 text messages and WhatsApp messages.

  • Vysor

Vysor displays the screen of your Android phone on your computer’s desktop. You can control this screen completely. This Chrome app can be installed quickly and is compatible with all major operating systems. However, the app’s free version comes with certain limitations. For instance, the screen resolution is not too high, and the animations do not get displayed when you mirror the Android screen to your PC. To get an ad-free and high-resolution experience, consider switching to the Pro version.

  • Tasker

Just like the name suggests, this application is useful when you want to set up prompts and events on your Android. With this app, you can arrange your smartphone to conduct a task automatically in specific situations. For instance, when there is a new connection or a particular type of notification or when there has been a change in location.

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