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Global Business Jet Market: Industry Analysis and Forecast 2021-2027

Education Importance?

If you want to know if college is still necessary, just look at The World University Rankings, which recently came out for 2018 by Thomson Reuters. As usual, the list was dominated by US colleges and universities. However, the US has been slipping in ranking in recent years and more schools based in Europe and Asia have risen. The criteria in which schools are judged are by Research (income, volume and reputation), Teaching execution (learning environment) Citations (research influence) Industry income (innovation) and International outlook (students, research and staff).

Before a student can pick a good college or university, we first need to focus on high school students around the world and how they fair. According to The Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) 2015 ranking, American students ranked below average in math and about average in science and reading. This isn’t a good framework for future success in college.

Arne Duncan, (former) Secretary of Education in the US, stated that PISA’s findings were ‘picture of educational stagnation.’

Some people think it’s because education isn’t stressed in the US as it once was. Other countries are surpassing us at a time when education is truly needed for innovation and the health of the global economy.

There are many factors why education has been slipping in the US, both in the secondary and higher education sector. In secondary education, budgets have continuously been cut and allocated elsewhere. There has also been a teacher shortage in the core subjects like math and science. School closings have also played a vital part in student participation and academic outcome.

In the higher education sector, student debt is mostly to blame for the disinterest in pursuing a degree. Students look at higher education as a burden rather than an investment; which, therein lies the problem. College costs have risen and financial aid has decreased.

Another reason education isn’t stressed in the US as it used to be is because of the instant gratification of money and wealth. Also a notion that you can get ‘by’ without an education.

Having the ability to attain a higher education is very much valued no matter what country you’re in. It says that you are able to more to the next economic bracket and are more likely to view the world differently.


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