Ensure the Safety and Compliance of All Electrical Installations

Ensure the Safety and Compliance of All Electrical Installations

You need to secure a landlord electrical certificate to prove that the properties you are renting out meet the standards of the Electrical Safety Council. Here are some reasons why you must invest in this certification.

For compliance

Electrical certificates for landlords are important because you need to present them to the authorities and to your insurance providers in case of fire caused by faulty wirings and electrical installations. Without it, you may be required to pay a £5,000 fine because of noncompliance. In fact, if there are any injuries or deaths in the accident, you may even face criminal offences. Also, your insurance company will not grant your claim when they find out that you did not have your property’s electrical systems inspected according to your agreement.

For the peace of mind of your tenants

As the landlord, you have the legal obligation to follow the guidelines and regulations of the Electrical Equipment Safety Regulations and the Consumer Protection Act. No tenant wants to pay a landlord who is only good at collecting rent but is sloppy when it comes to maintaining the property. If you have a landlord electrical certificate, you can prove to your tenants (and potential tenants) that your property—including its appliances and electrical systems—is safe. Do note that when your tenants find out that you are not performing your legal duties, they can sue you for noncompliance.

For your property’s security

Some people think that securing a landlord electrical certificate is just an added cost. What they don’t know is that it can save them from costly repairs and fines. It helps you ensure that your residential or commercial properties are in good condition. By examining the reports, you can uncover any electrical issues and address them as early as possible before they can get costly. Electrical certificates for landlord let you avoid bigger problems down the road and protect your source of income at the same time.

Be sure to choose an electrician or a service provider that has built a proven reputation. Check if they are registered with the NICEIC, ELECSA or NAPIT. Also, look for government-endorsed service providers. They can ensure quality inspection and honest reports.

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